Me and

If you're reading this you are probably curious who this person is writing through the great internet void exposing themselves as an unabashedly lazy uncaring person. Well, it is me. And contrary to my written thoughts; I do care and I also realize (hope) that there are others out there too, who care and perhaps are:
Humans. Stay At Home Parents. Overwhelmed or perhaps underwhelmed? Overachieving and underachieving. Care-takers. Exasperated. Confused. Lacking direction. And finally just seeking company.

It is I, your neighborhood sarcastic friend who is not perfect (nor alludes to any semblance of perfection), the person to whom you can turn and feel better about yourself. Realize you are not alone when you're feeling down. Ask for a good laugh. And share in the slight frustration and loneliness which can be and often is the life of a SAHParent. We can reminisce the forsaken jobs and social lives in pursuit of a thankless career of raising rugrats. Terrors they may be, we can grow wise to their ways of seduction and irresistible cuteness. Join me as I develop determination and admiration for this 'job' my mother made look so easy.

So, again, who am I? I am your friend and the person you can turn to who just simply understands. I have experience as I grew up in a large family. I am real (really, I am). I am learning and growing. I'm a June Cleaver type / Mad Men-esque / all encompassing super woman. Yea right. I said I had lofty ideals huh? (grin) I'm a wife, mother, friend, sister, former flight attendant, cook, suburban dwelling, west-coast living, espresso obsessed, non-hugging, nature loving (do not read tree-hugging), dreaming, blonde and sometimes red-head, jeans, t-shirt and flip-flops (or sometimes converse) wearing girl-next-door.