Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Attempts of productivity - part 1

In an effort of being a good AMAZING mother I decided to cook away in the kitchen making homemade organic baby food. I succeeded in making one ( 1 !!!! ) tray of sweet potatoes that are nestled quietly away, deep in the over packed recesses of my freezer. I also succeeded in buying up huge quantities of carrots, zucchini and pears. Only to realize later that I didn't buy organic....Do you realize the pressure to buy organic baby food products? I fully agree in this train of thought, but after I had finished all my lovely sweet potatoes and a couple apples (which looked organic) I realized I had made a bunch of pesticide laden food - I still haven't decided if I'll feed it to her. There was a sale on step 1 baby food and I'd bought a couple and well, that's as far as I've gotten. 
And do you realize the ease with which to buy the most adorable squeeze packets of mangoes and peaches? Organic too!
And honestly (for organic) they aren't that expensive when on sale.
And... (just kidding).
Why would I want to spend the time roasting/steaming, pureeing and sieving, storing and freezing  when that cute little packet/jar is sitting on the shelf in the cupboard just beckoning to me?
But this inane obsession with being a happy barefooted cook in the kitchen doesn't seem to work for me.
My excuses:
-I hate washing dishes. (really I have physical limitations as well: bad eczema on my hands from water, dry air and diaper wipes -oh the suffering.)
-My LO needs my undivided attention. (yea right.)
-I don't have a food processor. (This is the crux. How can I properly puree a baby sized batch in a blender, for pity's sake!? I've done it - it just sucks.)
-My new Real Simple magazine came in the mail. (it is very important that I read the article "How to stop procrastinating - now.")
-It's raining. (this just seemed like a good excuse. Coffee, aforementioned magazine, cozy blanket and slice of cake.)
Ohhh the frustration and the struggle going back and forth!!! The battle going on in my poor head...! As mentioned though, I have succeeded in a couple attempts of making baby food and for what its worth I am proud of myself. The biggest problem is of getting over this stupid social pressure to do this and do that. Honestly, I am a stay at home mom and thats pretty huge right there. I am blessed to be able to sit here all pretty and raise this little person. So, I leave you with these thoughts:
+ Accept the little things as achievements. Pick one small-ish thing to accomplish and give yourself a freakin' pat on the back.
+ Stop holding yourself to unrealistic goals and don't compare yourself to other Super Mom's.
<end of pep talk>

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