Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Attempts of productivity - part duece

So in an effort to be (ah-hem) productive, I pulled out my trusty day planner. Flipped to the appropriate week and feeling inspired by the new week, the bare space in which to write, the multitude of tasks and to-do items filling my brain, I whirled my pen happily among the page creating my lists of 'things to do' for today and for the whole week. I then putzed about in the kitchen - idly wandering among the dirty counters filled with dirty dishes, walking on the dirty floor which hasn't been cleaned in who-knows-how-long and really doing nothing productive at all. Whipped out of my daze by the distant wail of a newly woken baby, I realized I hadn't accomplished anything which included making myself food. The only thing I did do was to write my list. Let me ask, does it take you an hour and half to write your lists? I didn't think so dear internet. It's just me. I'm sure.

I frantically whirled around the kitchen concocting something to feed my growling belly and then settled my plump bum on the couch to be really productive: feeding the baby, watching a show (or two three), and feeding myself. All at the same time. Talk about a multi-tasking productive woman huh? So after that hour of productivity I sat there on the couch while my daughter was mentally stimulated via a teething toy and realized I should put my 'to do list' on my phone. I bought the vintage pen & paper day planner when I was using the old-school phone and since I've recently upgraded, well, it just makes sense to use it in as many ways as I possibly can. Right? It's an iPhone after all and probably has an app for that. They have apps for everything. I searched through the iTunes store and found 'Errands'. Perfect. I then proceeded to rewrite, err, type my to do lists into my new app. After all, I usually have my phone with me throughout the house and what better way than to have my to do items right near me all day long?!!

Before I knew it, I was putzing around the kitchen (again) with a sleeping baby on the other side of the house and optimum time to attack the to do list of my day. Yet I continued to wander, putz rather, aimlessly around the house. I failed to get anything done. Well, I take that back. I ate and took care of the baby. And well, I also took the garbage out to the street. Huge accomplishment let me tell you.

Looking back on my failure of a day, the bright sunny window of a new week which I've clouded, I have figured out the key to my failure: I need to write out my to do list on something visible. Maybe a paper tablet that I can put on the crumb-laden TV tray next to the couch. At least it will be visible all day. You know...maybe I'll also include a couple items that I know I'll actually finish for the sake of self confidence. Such as:

  • Take out the trash
  • Take a shower
  • Feed the baby
  • Eat lunch
  • Eat breakfast
  • Get on Facebook
You get the picture.
Maybe tomorrow.

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